Build STEM and SEL skills with an easy-to-use block game that students are excited to play!


How It Works

Blocks Rock! is a competitive structured block-building game for students in grades K-6 in which two students or two teams compete to build a color- and shape-specific structure in the shortest amount of time. This hands-on activity develops spatial reasoning, a critical skill for STEM success, and increases social emotional learning (SEL) skills.

The result: Students engage in fun play that prepares them for future academic and career success!

The Importance of Spatial Reasoning

A research study from Indiana University concluded that structured block play activates the area of the brain involving mental rotation and spatial reasoning skills. This skill is critical for STEM success, with evidence showing that students with high spatial reasoning skills are more likely to pursue a STEM career.

Additional Benefits of SEL

Blocks Rock! develops skills aligned with Indiana SEL Competencies. With Blocks Rock!, students learn how to navigate competitive situations by practicing regulation and empathy. Students collaborate and solve problems as a team, while building critical thinking and decision-making skills.

What’s Included in Blocks Rock!

Students with varying skill levels can play Blocks Rock! Each game set comes with a carrying case that includes:

  • 24 blocks – 12 for each player
  • 2 decks of cards – Beginner and Intermediate Levels
  • The bell!

Students can engage with a 3-D app for more challenging play.

How Schools and Districts Are Using Blocks Rock!

Schools and districts benefit from the portability and ease-of-use of Blocks Rock! in a variety of ways:

  • Stations during classroom time
  • After-school and summer programs
  • School-sponsored family math or game nights
  • Library activities
  • Intervention and special education programs

Watch how students use Blocks Rock! for at home learning.